The Gredos Mountains range is a fairly easy to walk up from the north slopes, and steep and rugged on the southern slopes. Horses are used at times to make the long ways bearable, or at least to help in carrying the equipment and gear. Within the original reserve, hunting is controlled by government agencies and very expensive. Good trophies are obtained on private properties and leases, adjacent to the reserve. Elevation are fairly high, at around 2.000-3.500 mtr. But due to lack of heavy cover, ibex can be hunted successfully throughout the hunting season. The ibex normally spend midday hours in shady, wooded thickets in the high country, but in the early evening they graze on the sunny hillsides. The sunny hillsides do not have much high cover. Hunters have virtually 100 percent success. If a hunter can shoot at 200-250 yard ranges, he will get an ibex.

2 days 1 hunter x 1 trophy 5.500 €
Hunting times: all year.