The Ronda Ibex is the smallest sub-specie of all four Spanish ibex, both in body mass abd length. One of the reasons for this is the low overall altitude of their home range, plus the extremely hot summers and relatively dry conditions of their habitat. In spite of the lower peaks, the terrain is at times very steep, and scrub-like vegetation makes it pretty strenous to get around the mountain. Small footpaths are used to spot the game, and final approaches are sometimes through really thick scrub. Animal population are healthy, and old males abound, especially during the rut ( later October – later December), where they travel long distances in search of receptive females. The Ronda ibex does not get the grey-and black coloured coat as the other ibex do, it remains more brownish in colour, even when they are old.

2 day 1 hunter x 1 trophy 4.200 €
Hunting times: 1 october – 31 may