The Beceite ibex is found in the Beceite Mountains close to Mediterranean Sea between Tarragona and Murcia. The heavily forested, lower slopes of the Beceite Mountains provide good cover and foot for the game which tend to hide in those pine thickets. The old males in particular make good use of the many caves which are washed into the rocks, making themselves invisible for a large part of the year. Hunting here is very difficult, if it wasn´t for the rut which has the males travelling all over they range in search for females. At time, ibex are found closer to dirt tracks, which are accesibles to 4×4 and therefore the hunter can get reasonably close to a spotted male. Very large trophies are taken every year, and the best time is between November and early January.

2 days 1 hunter x 1 trophy 5.000 €
Hunting times: 15 october- 31 may