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Big game in Spain 2009-2010

We are pleased to offer hunts for all Spanish bies, plus hunts for other Spanish game Duch as: Mouflon, Spanish red deer, Fallow deer, Wild boar, Barbary sheep, Cantabrian and Pirinean Chamois, Spanish roe deer and Spanish wolf.


This hunt takes place in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Granada. Some areas are accessible by 4x4 and often there are ways of spotting ibex off the truck by using spotting scope. With that even the more senior hunter can count on getting a shot at an ibex trophy. Younger hunters will be able to walk to more remote areas and valleys.

2 days 1 hunter x 1 trophy 4.200 €
Hunting times: 1 october – 31 may


The Ronda Ibex is the smallest sub-specie of all four Spanish ibex, both in body mass abd length. One of the reasons for this is the low overall altitude of their home range, plus the extremely hot summers and relatively dry conditions of their habitat. In spite of the lower peaks, the terrain is at times very steep, and scrub-like vegetation makes it pretty strenous to get around the mountain. Small footpaths are used to spot the game, and final approaches are sometimes through really thick scrub. Animal population are healthy, and old males abound, especially during the rut ( later October – later December), where they travel long distances in search of receptive females. The Ronda ibex does not get the grey-and black coloured coat as the other ibex do, it remains more brownish in colour, even when they are old.

2 day 1 hunter x 1 trophy 4.200 €
Hunting times: 1 october – 31 may


The Beceite ibex is found in the Beceite Mountains close to Mediterranean Sea between Tarragona and Murcia. The heavily forested, lower slopes of the Beceite Mountains provide good cover and foot for the game which tend to hide in those pine thickets. The old males in particular make good use of the many caves which are washed into the rocks, making themselves invisible for a large part of the year. Hunting here is very difficult, if it wasn´t for the rut which has the males travelling all over they range in search for females. At time, ibex are found closer to dirt tracks, which are accesibles to 4x4 and therefore the hunter can get reasonably close to a spotted male. Very large trophies are taken every year, and the best time is between November and early January.

2 days 1 hunter x 1 trophy 5.000 €
Hunting times: 15 october- 31 may


The Gredos Mountains range is a fairly easy to walk up from the north slopes, and steep and rugged on the southern slopes. Horses are used at times to make the long ways bearable, or at least to help in carrying the equipment and gear. Within the original reserve, hunting is controlled by government agencies and very expensive. Good trophies are obtained on private properties and leases, adjacent to the reserve. Elevation are fairly high, at around 2.000-3.500 mtr. But due to lack of heavy cover, ibex can be hunted successfully throughout the hunting season. The ibex normally spend midday hours in shady, wooded thickets in the high country, but in the early evening they graze on the sunny hillsides. The sunny hillsides do not have much high cover. Hunters have virtually 100 percent success. If a hunter can shoot at 200-250 yard ranges, he will get an ibex.

2 days 1 hunter x 1 trophy 5.500 €
Hunting times: all year.


Given special attraction of this animal, we have made special arragements in order to get then four subspecies of spanish Ibex on the trip, at an excelent price. This price includes: 1Gredox Ibex, 1 Beceite Ibex, 1 Sierra Nevada Ibex, 1 Ronda Ibex, 10 hunting days 1x1, with full board accomodation. 1 non hunting companion. All transportation in Spain. V.A.T. English speaking guide. Not included: S.C.I. Gold medal surchage. Hunting Licenses (120€x4). Veterinary certificate 150€ x 4. Tips and extras of personal nature.

Price of the package: 21.000 €


The Barbary Sheep live in Granada, Almeria and Murcia mountains. Some areas are accessible by 4x4 and often there are ways of spotting. Barbary sheep off the truck by using spotting scope. Elevation are fairly high, at around 800-2.000 meters.

2 days 1 hunter x 1 trophy 3.800 €
Hunting times: 1 october – 31 may


MOUFLON 2.400 € 1 October- 30 June map
SPANISH RED DEER 3.000 € 15 September- 15 February map
FALLOW DEER 2.400 € 1 October- 15 February map
WILD BOAR 700 € 700 € map
CANTABRIAN CHAMOIS 2.900 € 1 May – 15 November map
PIRINEAN CHAMOIS 3.700 € 1 May – 15 November map
SPANISH ROE DEER 1.500 € 1 April- 30 October map
SPANISH WOLF 4.200 € 1 April- 31 December map
FERAL GOAT 1.000 € All Year map
BOC BALEAR 2.500 € All Year map
RED LEGGED PARTRIDGE 20 € x Partridge October - March
MONTERÍAS 500 € - 4.000 € October - February
1. In this animals is not included hotel and meals.
2. The cost of hunting days is 200 euros.


The accommodation on these hunts is quite comfortable, mostly in country hotels and lodges and quite for lady or non-hunters. The meals are generally of superior quality.

-Cost includes / does not include

  • Services of a licence guide.
  • Accommodation and all meals, wines, bears and drinks during the hunting period.
  • Transfer to the hunting areas, airport transfer from Madrid or other designated airport such as Malaga or Granada.
  • Field preparation of trophy.
  • Air arrangements to Madrid or any international flights if required.
  • Accommodation and meals before and after the hunt.
  • Trophy fees as listed for optional game.
  • Shippment of trophy to the hunter.
  • Gratuites to guides.
  • Any trophy that is wounded and lost is considered bagged and has to be paid for.
  • Observer daily rate: 150 €.
  • Hunting licence for every animal: 120 €.
  • Hunting insurance: 100 €.
  • Veterinary certificate for every animal: 150 €.
  • Rent a gun: 0 €.
  • Taxidermy: half animal: 200 €, whole animal: 250 €, half animal stuffed in Spain: 650 €.


A deposit of 50% is required to confirm the booking. The deposit is not refundable unless a replacement hunter can be found.

The balance of payment at the end of the hunting. Better the balance of payment be made in cash and in euros. In the case of not taking place the game booked, the deposit will be refounded, except 400 € for hunting days and 150 € for observer daily rate.

No refunds can be made if a client a hunt unless a replacement clients is found. In the case of not taking place the booked, the deposit will be refounded, except 400 € for hunting day and 150 € for observer daily rate.

Every extra day of hunting: 300 €
Daily rate of observer: 150 €